About RCI Points Membership

Expiring Points

If you don’t use all of your annual points allocation, they will be automatically saved* on your account for another year. If you don’t use them within this time, they will expire. If you don’t have enough to book another holiday, there are plenty of ways to put your expiring points to good use:

Book a discounted exchange holiday with RCI Points deals

Each month, a selection of exchange holidays are offered with discounted points values. Sometimes these are very low so you may have enough points left to book another exchange!

You can also save up to 50% on points values when you book an exchange holiday with a check-in date starting within the next 45 days. Search within the next 45 days to see the discounts.

Book a hotel exchange

Our hotel booking options open the doors for you at more than 600,000 hotels worldwide.

Use 2,000 points per night to access greater discounts and reduce the cost of your stay.

Want to book more than five nights? You only need to use 10,000 points to further reduce the price for unlimited stays of five nights or more.

Search for hotel exchanges here.

Send a friend on holiday with a guest certificate

If you have points you are unable to use, you can use your points to book a holiday and then purchase a guest certificate, so your friends and family can enjoy a great RCI holiday as a gift from you.*

You can add a guest certificate when you book the holiday or at a later date. If you have a holiday booked already, you can add a guest certificate here.

Guest Certificate recipients must be at least 21 years old for holidays at resorts in the United States, and over 18 for resorts in all other destinations.

Extend your points

Points you do not use within one Use Year are automatically saved into a second use year,* but if you need more time to use them, you can extend your points for a third year for a small fee.

RCI Platinum members who extend their points into a third use year, but don’t use them all will also get them extended into a fourth year free of charge.

Transfer your points

If you do not plan to use your points, you can transfer them to another RCI Points member for a small fee. To do this, contact our guides by calling or use our online Live Help.

*Saving points is free of charge if you have used some of your points by the end of the Use Year in which they were allocated, otherwise a small fee applies. View fees here.