About RCI Points Membership

RCI Points explained


The RCI Points programme offers subscribing members a flexible way to exchange their holiday ownership to visit other resorts around the world. You decide where and when to travel and the size of your accommodation based on availability and the number of Points you have.
In addition to exchanging for full weeks, you can also book short breaks up to ten months ahead of check-in, even if you only want to stay for one night (selected resorts only).

The Points value you are allocated has a Use Year during which you can exchange for holiday time at a choice of over 4,000 resorts in approximately 100 countries.

There are three types of Points ownership: Fixed, Floating and Pure Points. How you book your Points Exchange depends on the type of Points ownership you have.


Your holiday week is assigned a Points value, depending on a range of factors, such as:

• Supply and demand at the resort
• The type of unit you own
• The season in which you own

If you own the same week and apartment number every year this is known as ‘Fixed’ ownership. If you wish to return to your regular week you must book a Home Week reservation 13-12 months in advance of the start date. If however, you’d like to return to the resort where you own but not during the same fixed time you originally purchased, you can book during the Home Resort reservation window.


If you own a week at a resort that does not fall into the same week number every year, this is known as ‘floating’ ownership. If you wish to return to the resort where you own, you must book a Home Resort reservation 12-11 months in advance of the start date of the week number you wish to book.

Pure Points

If you own Points that are not associated with a specific week of timeshare, this is known as ‘Pure Points ownership’.