About RCI Points Membership

Reservation windows explained

One of the keys to making the most of your RCI Points membership is knowing the best time to book your Points Exchange Holiday.

A Reservation Window is essentially a window of opportunity when you can request a specific type of reservation with less competition from other RCI Points Members.

Each type of reservation at RCI affiliated resorts has its own associated Reservation Window, and as a Points member you have exchange opportunities in both our RCI Weeks and RCI Points Programmes.

Exchanges in the RCI Weeks Programme can be booked up to 2 years in advance of the desired travel date, and you also have exclusive access to exchange opportunities in the RCI Points Programme from 10 months before your desired travel date.

Home reservation types and when to book

 Reservation TypeAvailable to book from
RCI Weeks ReservationChoose from any of the available RCI Weeks affiliated resorts.2 years or less before the check-in date.
Home WeekFixed Ownership: Booking your own apartment number and week number – your week is reserved for you.13 - 12 Months before check-in
Home ResortFloating Ownership: When you would like to travel back to your resort. Fixed Ownership: When you would like to travel back to your resort but at a different time of year or to a different unit size to the one you own.12 - 11 Months before check-in
Home GroupIf your resort is part of a group, you can take advantage of booking any resorts owned by that group.11 - 10 Months before check-in
Standard Points ReservationChoose from any of the other available RCI Points affiliated resorts.10 Months before check-in