About RCI Points Membership

What is a Use Year?

Your Use Year is a recurring 12-month period that starts on the first day of the month following the start of your RCI Points membership.

For example, if your membership was set up in April, your Use Year would always start on 1 May, and run through to 30 April the following year.

The first day of your Use Year is when you receive your annual points allocation – the illustration below shows the flexibility you have to use them between Use Years.

If you don’t use all your points in the Use Year they were allocated, you can SAVE them to the following Use Year.*

If you don’t use them in the second Use Year, you can pay a small fee to EXTEND them into a third Use Year.

If you need more points for your Exchange Holiday, you can BORROW some from your next Use Year, provided that you have paid your next Use Year’s annual fees.

What is a Use Year?

Please note that your current Use Year will be dated based on the year it started. For example, if your current Use Year began on 1 April 2015, that would be your ‘2015 Use Year’, even though it lasts until 31 March 2016.

*Saving Points is free of charge if you have used some of your points by the end of the Use-Year in which they were allocated. Otherwise a small transaction fee applies.