Booking My Holiday

Managing my bookings

Your online account hosts a number of tools to help you manage your bookings.

To access 'My Holiday Plans' click on 'TRIPS' from the top navigation bar.

• You can place selected Exchange and Extra Holidays 'on hold' for a period of 24 hours before confirming your reservation and paying, if your holiday start-date is 60 days out or more from today's date. Any held holidays not yet confirmed are regarded as being 'On Hold.' You can view, confirm or release your held reservations in this section, by selecting the relevant option. If you're ready to confirm, select 'CONFIRM RESERVATION' and follow the payment steps.
To cancel any held but not confirmed bookings, select 'RELEASE HOLIDAY.'

Managing Your Bookings

• View, modify or release your Ongoing Search(es)

Managing Your Bookings

• View and print your Confirmed Exchanges. Add a Guest Certificate to your booking and request an 'Upgrade and Change' if applicable. See the Related Topics for more details on 'Upgrades and Changes.'

Thanks to our grace period, you can cancel your confirmation within 24 hours of booking, and receive a full monetary refund and full points refund for exchange bookings. To receive all your Points back in full and your exchange fee, add exchange protection when you make your booking.

• View your Cancelled holidays

Managing Your Bookings

• View your holiday history from the past two years.

Managing Your Bookings