More Holiday Options

How to search for and book an Extra Holiday

Need another holiday? Spend a week lounging at an RCI-affiliated resort without using your Weeks or Points by paying cash for an Extra Holiday.

You will still receive the same standard and benefits as you enjoy with an Exchange Holiday. Here are some more benefits for booking an Extra Holiday:

• You can book regardless of whether you have a Week or Points to deposit.
• There is no limit to the number of Extra Holidays you can book.
• Select from a wide range of resorts and destinations around the world.
• Give the gift of a holiday to a loved one - just add a Guest Certificate to your booking.

Here’s how to search for an Extra Holiday

Step 1: Search

Sign in to RCI.com and click ‘BOOK’ in the top navigation bar and select 'Extra Holidays'.

Using the search filters, choose any other requirements you have for your next break. Each filter you add will automatically update your search results. See ‘RELATED TOPICS’ for more information on how to search for a holiday.

Step 2: Confirm or Hold

Once you’ve found a resort for you, click ‘AVAILABLE UNITS’.

At this point you can review the resort details and urgent information, then select a unit by clicking ‘CONFIRM’ or ‘HOLD’ if the holiday you are booking is more than 60 days from today's date, otherwise the HOLD option will not be available.

Click ‘CONFIRM’ if you are ready to book and proceed to payment.

‘HOLD’ will reserve the unit for 24 hours while you decide. To return and book later, click on 'TRIPS' from the top navigation bar and this will take you to ‘My Holiday Plans’. From here select 'On Hold' and you can locate your booking to 'CONFIRM HOLIDAY' or 'RELEASE HOLIDAY'.

Here’s how to book an Extra Holiday

Step 1: Verify Details

After clicking ‘CONFIRM’, you will need to review the booking details and confirm who is travelling. If the holiday is for you, tick ‘The RCI Member is part of the travelling party’.

If another guest is holidaying, you will need to choose ‘This holiday is for a guest’. See ‘RELATED TOPICS’ for more information on adding Guest Certificates.

Select ‘CONTINUE’ to proceed.

Step 2: Services and Points Used

As you are booking an Extra Holiday, you are unable to add any additional services, so simply select ‘CONTINUE'.

Step 3: Payment Information

Enter your payment details using our safe and secure online checkout.

If you’re an RCI Platinum member, don’t forget you can use your Member Rewards towards your transaction before we calculate your remaining balance. If applicable, tick the box to use your rewards.

Select ‘CONTINUE’.

Extra Holidays


Step 4: Confirm Reservation

Review your confirmation details, and select ‘CONFIRM’ to complete your booking.

Remember you can view your confirmation at any time by clicking on ‘TRIPS’ from the top navigation bar, to go to 'My Holiday Plans' and clicking on the ‘CONFIRMED’ tab.

Happy travels!