My feedback

At RCI we’re always keen to hear what our members think, and the website is no exception. The feedback you provide helps us to give you the best possible website experience, and being able to capture your online queries in real-time is a great way to find out exactly how the website is functioning and how we can develop and improve it. Your opinion really does count!

How to share your Feedback

Sharing your feedback with RCI really is easy. Look out for the Feedback tab on the right hand side of the web page you’re viewing, then click the link.

To share your feedback with us, first rate your experience by clicking on one of the emoji faces, which represent from left to right, Very Poor, Poor, Neutral, Like, Love. You can then enter, in no more than 256 characters, what you would like us to know about your experience.

What type of feedback should I send?

The Feedback form’s primary function is to gain your opinions about the RCI website. Did you find it easy to search? Did you find all the information you need? You can also submit your feedback regarding your experiences as an RCI customer.
Some examples of RCI Member feedback include:

• I find it difficult to search for a holiday on your site, it would help if you could offer me recommendations
• I can't find information on how to add another deposit to my account
• From viewing your Help videos I found it very easy to search for an exchange - can you do more videos like this?

These are all good examples of the type of website queries we can answer but we’re also keen to hear your thoughts on how we can make RCI.com even better, and all suggestions are gratefully received!