How to renew my RCI membership

Renew your membership to make sure you are up-to-date with your account and can enjoy the full range of benefits that the world of RCI offers you.

Start by signing in to RCI.com and follow the steps below to renew. Or for hassle-free renewal, why not setup a Direct Debit? See ‘RELATED TOPICS’ for more information.

Find your Renewal Date

Firstly, you need to establish when your account is due for renewal. So that your membership doesn’t lapse, set a reminder in your calendar every year so you know when to sign in or contact us to pay for your next year of membership.

Click on the person icon in the top navigation and select ‘My account’.

The ‘Membership Renewal’ section highlights the date your membership expires. Hit ‘PAY INVOICE’ to launch the transaction process.

If your account is paid up to date, we’ll inform you.

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Step 1: Membership Options

Select the check box to pay your ‘Future Due Balances’, which will be your annual RCI Membership fee, and click ‘CONTINUE’.

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Step 2: Payment Information

Enter your payment information using our safe and secure online checkout.

If you’re an RCI Platinum member, don’t forget you can use your Member Rewards towards your transaction before we calculate your remaining balance.

For the ultimate convenience, you can also save your card details for future use. Just tick the ‘Use this card for future online transaction’ box.

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Step 3: Confirm

Review your complete confirmation details, select ‘CONFIRM’ and your renewal is complete.

Remember you can view your account status at any time by clicking on the person icon in the top navigation and selecting ‘My account’.

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