How to update my personal details or password

Once you have signed into your rci.com account, you can update your personal details or your password online.

Simply click on the person icon in the top navigation bar and select ‘My account’. At the top of the page under ‘My account’ section you will see a link to ‘Edit Account Info’. Simply click on this link, and from here you can do any or all of the following:

  • Update your email address
  • Update your home address
  • Update your primary phone number
  • Change your rci.com password

Please note that you cannot change your name online, as this will require proof of name change. Please contact an RCI Guide if you wish to do this.

If you are updating any of your personal details, just click ‘CONFIRM’ once done, and your details will be updated with immediate effect. We will send you a confirmation email that your details have been updated.

If you are changing your rci.com password, just enter a new password and click ‘CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD’. You will need to use this new password the next time you sign in to rci.com.