RCI's Great Holiday Gadget Giveaway

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 13/12/2019
Buying a timeshare week - or several - is a significant investment in your long-term holiday lifestyle. Like all investments, you want to be sure that you're getting every last bit of value from...

Set Sail with RCI Cruise°, in association with Cruise118.com

By Caroline Richards
About RCI | 27/11/2019
We have introduced a new, all-inclusive way to cruise which will bring better discounts, benefits and services than ever to our members who book a cruise through RCI Cruise°, in association with...

RCI Members Talk Top Holiday Tips

By Helen Foster, RCI Staff Member
About RCI | 23/10/2019
To get the best value out of timeshares, or shared-holiday ownerships as they are also known, you need to be willing to invest some time in forward thinking and planning. That is true of any kind of...

Great Value Holidays In Florida

By Penny Loya, RCI Member
About RCI | 02/10/2019
RCI members are known for getting the most out of their timeshare ownership, by depositing as early as possible to ensure maximum trading power, and often, trading down to...

Give The Gift Of A Holiday

By Natasha Hegarty
About RCI | 18/09/2019
Margaret and Charles Burnell purchased their timeshare in 1989 and joined RCI to take advantage of the RCI Holiday Exchange programme. Over the last 30 years, they have enjoyed fabulous exchanges all...

How To Get The RCI Resorts You Really Want

By Stephen Taylor, RCI Member
About RCI | 13/09/2019
My wife, Carol, and I have been members of RCI since 1997 and have enjoyed many Exchange Holidays as members over the years. We've become used to the high standard of resorts and service as RCI...

Sharing Holidays With Friends & Family

By Lorraine Loveland
About RCI | 30/08/2019
As many RCI members discover, timeshare exchange is a fabulous opportunity to holiday with added extras that don’t always come as standard with an off-the-shelf break. With larger living...

RCI Resort Ratings And Rave Reviews

By Jem Pearce and Helen Foster
About RCI | 05/07/2019
The web is peppered with psychology reports about the power reviews have over us in influencing our buying behaviours. Whether you choose to believe reviews or not, it can sometimes be hard...

Spread The Cost Of Your RCI Extra Holidays

By Natasha Hegarty
About RCI | 17/05/2019
RCI members have access to holidays that work out at a fraction of the cost of the high street prices you might pay when booking with a travel agent. With more than 4,000 resorts in over 100...

How To Make The Most Of Your RCI Membership

By Martyn and Gail Wrigg, RCI members
About RCI | 26/04/2019
“We have been members of RCI for 23 years – 23 happy years,” Gail said. “We have been to quite a few destinations in America with RCI, we’ve been to California, San Diego, and I loved San Francisco,...

RCI.com – So Much More Than A Holiday Search!

By Jem Pearce
About RCI | 05/04/2019
RCI.com provides holiday inspiration, research, news of member deals and benefits, as well as booking support - all at your fingertips, 24/7. There's no easier way to learn about the world of...

How To Get Value From Timeshare With RCI

By Natasha Hegarty
About RCI | 13/03/2019
As a new member of RCI, you will receive one of our New Member Kits, featuring everything you will need to kick start exploring the world using RCI Exchange Holidays. For new members, and those...

Great Holiday Ideas - New To You!

By Jem Pearce
About RCI | 15/02/2019
When starting to plan our next trip, most of us will have a firm idea of what we want to experience during our precious time away. For many, a beach holiday immediately conjures up images of...

Step Outside Your Holiday Comfort Zone

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 01/02/2019
My idea of holiday fun has always been more about buildings than beaches... Give me a bleached stone ruin or a jaw-dropping bit of architecture and I'm happy. Time out from the rat race usually...

Taking You Places For 45 Years!

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 25/01/2019
RCI sent its first member families off on exchange holidays back in 1974. It's thanks to the loyalty of our worldwide family of members - and the resort developers who put their holiday...

Quality First

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 18/01/2019
We all love the rush of that 'wow factor' when we open the door to our holiday accommodation - our home for the next week or two - and it looks like something out of a celeb lifestyle...

Top Tips For Holiday Planning

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 16/11/2018
Start planning straight after you return from your last holiday – while everything is fresh in your mind. What did you love about your last holiday? And what would you change? Put together a list of...

Around The World With RCI Points

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 28/09/2018
The story of Phileas Fogg and his quest to travel around the world in 80 days has inspired many a globetrotter over the years and it also prompted one of RCI's associates to embark on a virtual...

How To Get More From Your RCI Membership

By Jem Pearce
About RCI | 22/08/2018
RCI Weeks members can save on trading power values with our regular discounts. The exchange fee remains at the standard price per week, but the trading power can be dropped to as little as 3. You...

Extra Holidays From RCI

By Helen Foster
About RCI | 15/06/2018
Each year RCI acquires additional stylish accommodation in prime holiday hot spots to give our members more choice in their holiday planning. This accommodation is known as RCI Extra Holidays...

Welcoming Members Back To RCI

By Natasha Hegarty
About RCI | 07/03/2018
There are occasions when, for so many different reasons, a timeshare owner might not renew their RCI membership. Our personal circumstances are forever in flux and there are times when for instance,...

Christel House RCI's Charity Of Choice

By Kristen Matthews and Amanda Nodada, Graduates of Christel House, South Africa
About RCI | 28/02/2018
Christel DeHaan not only reshaped what a holiday could look like when she founded RCI and put timeshare holiday exchange on the map more than four decades ago, she also set out on a mission...

Top Tips for Exchanging

By Natasha Hegarty - RCI Travel Writer
About RCI | 05/01/2018
The great thing about RCI's Membership is the access to over 4,300 resorts worldwide that you can exchange with your home resort. So rather than returning to the same destination year after year, you...

New ways to holiday in the New Year

Natasha Hegarty - RCI Travel Writer
About RCI | 03/01/2018
You work hard all year, so making sure you have an amazing holiday is important. To make sure your work/life balance is in good shape, holidays are a great way to reconnect with your family by...

Timeshare - Caring, sharing friends

By Pauline Crozier, RCI Member
About RCI | 15/11/2017
How often have you said to your friends: "You'd have just loved it!"? More times than you can count I should think! If you are part of something special, such as timeshare holidays and...

Timeshare Quality Reigns In Spain

Rebeccca Gormley, RCI Affiliate Marketing Executive
About RCI | 27/09/2017
While a great location will always be attractive, it’s important for resorts to invest in the upgrade of guest areas to ensure that the quality standards their owners, and RCI members, expect...

Why RCI?

By Jo Smith, RCI Marketing Manager
About RCI | 15/08/2017
Do you own a timeshare, but are unsure what to do with it? Then look no further, because if the idea of a holiday every year, the flexibility to travel to many different places, knowing you will...

Welcome To Our Blog

From The RCI Team
About RCI | 26/07/2017
Welcome to Our Blog, which has been specially designed for timeshare owners. We want to share the many ways you can get real value from your timeshare purchase by opening up a world of fabulous...