RCI® Weeks Fees United States effective December 1st, 2023

The following information details the various fees that are associated with your membership benefits.

Usually on an annual basis, you will also pay a maintenance fee, which is used toward the operation and upkeep of the resort at which you own. This is not a fee which is collected by RCI - you pay your resort directly.

Annual RCI Weeks Subscription FeesTotal Cost (USD)Price Per
Year (USD)
You Save
Approx. (USD)
1 YR$109$109 
2 YRS$199$99.50$19
3 YRS$279$93$48
5 YRS$439$87.80$106
10 YRS$768$76.80$322
Reinstatement Fee$49 
Annual RCI Weeks Platinum FeesTotal Cost (USD)Price Per
Year (USD)
You Save
Approx. (USD)
1 YR$89$89 
2 YRS$155$77.50$23
3 YRS$221$73.67$46
4 YRS$279$69.75$77
5 YRS$322$64.40$123
RCI Weeks Online Self-Enrollment FeesUSD
1 YR$159
2 YRS$239
3 YRS$309
5 YRS$459
Exchange VacationsUSD
Exchange Fee - Call Center/RCI.com$299
Exchange Plus Tier 1$399 + 9 Trading Power
Exchange Plus Tier 2$599 + 12 Trading Power
Exchange Plus Tier 3$799 + 14 Trading Power
Exchange Plus Tier 4$999 + 14 Trading Power
Exchange Plus Tier 5$1299 + 14 Trading Power
Exchange Plus Tier 6$1599 + 14 Trading Power
Last CallSM Vacations and RCI Cruise RentalsUSD (H/S)USD (1BR)USD (2BR)
Last Call - Call Center/ RCI.com$309$339$379
RCI Cruise Cash RentalFee Varies
Managing your Deposits
How to Avoid Losing your Deposit

Deposit Extension - 1 Month$49
Deposit Extension - 3 Months$99
Deposit Extension - 6 Months$139
Deposit Extension - 12 Months$159
Combined Deposit Fee - 12 Month expiration$169
Combined Deposit Fee - 24 Month expiration$249
Deposit Transfer$98
Deposit Restore$69
Unit Upgrades and Changes$49
Managing your Exchange VacationsUSD
Guest Certificate$109
Trading Power Protection (purchased 30 days or less from the date of vacation confirmation AND 15 days or more before check-in date)$89
Trading Power Protection (purchased 31 days or more from the date of vacation confirmation OR 14 days or less from check-in date)$129
Miscellaneous FeesUSD
Membership or Deposit Transfer (MTA)$98
Guest Pass - 5 yr$189
Directory of Affiliated Resorts (Duplicate) S&H fee$9.95
Family Share Deposit or Points Transfer$29
RCI Weeks New Member Renewal Rates
(Member has to have less than 1 year tenure)
1 Year$85
2 Year$159
3 Year$219
5 Year$349
10 Year$683
RCI Weeks Upgrade Renewal Rates
(original renewal must have taken place within the last 12 months)
1 Year to 3 Year$170  
1 Year to 5 Year$330
1 Year to 10 Year$660
2 Years to 5 Years$240
2 Years to 10 Years$570
3 Years to 5 Years$160 
3 Years to 10 Years$490
5 Years to 10 Years$329 

*RCI fees are subject to change at RCI’s sole discretion. For complete details of RCI subscribing membership, including RCI’s cancellation policy, please consult the Terms and Conditions of RCI® Weeks Subscribing Membership.

**These services for RCI subscribing members residing in Canada are provided by RCI Canada ULC.  “Fees applicable to Canadian residents include GST/HST as applicable in the member’s Province of residence.  The GST/HST rate applicable in each Province, is as follows: ON – 13% HST;  NB,NL, NS & PE - 15% HST;  QC 14.975% GST/QST; all other Provinces and Territories – 5% GST”.

† Network Dues and/or an enrollment fee may be required in addition to the MTA processing fee.