One of the best things about being on holiday is taking photos and videos to capture special moments forever.

Read our tips on how to take the best snaps and video clips. Find out what we look for in the photos our members share with us and your RCI holiday memories could feature on, on our social media pages or in future issues of Endless Vacation magazine.

Keep it simple!

Don’t try to get too much subject matter into your frame. Focus on what’s important – faces, people, the ‘action.’ Don’t try to take a landscape photo or a sunset – they will invariably never turn out as good as they appear in real life – buy a postcard or professional print instead.

Check your background

Nothing spoils an otherwise fabulous photo than a random rubbish bin! Quickly scout the background of your image composition before you capture and don’t be afraid to move your subject, or yourself to avoid the offending object. Also check for cranes and tree branches ‘growing’ out of peoples’ heads!

Light sources

Make sure your subject is well lit. Avoid shadows and unflattering use of camera flash. Don’t take photos into the sun, nor take them with people looking into the sun. Stand to the side of the angle of the sun and ask people to do the same. Make sure your area to capture is not too dark and take pictures indoors both with and without flash to see which looks better.

Remember the ‘Rule of Thirds’

Divide what you see on your phone or camera screen into imaginary thirds before you press to capture the shot. Try to have some subject matter in each of the sections. You can further divide these invisible ‘thirds’ both horizontally and vertically so you have nine ‘sections.’ Try to get interesting subject matter into the central ‘squares.’ You can also use free online photo editing software to edit your photos using the same principles.

Use your self-timer

Most cameras and phones have self-timer features. Use these to pose for your photo, especially ‘selfies’ to avoid unflattering facial expressions as you frown to capture the right angle and press the button. Set the self-timer when you’re happy with your position and wait for your camera to capture your memory, frown and squint-free!

Take lots of photos

Use the ‘burst’ feature if your camera or phone has this, then choose the best image from several captured during the fast ‘burst.’ If you don’t have this feature, still take several photos, especially if you’re taking images of people, because someone will invariably blink or move. Then you will have multiple options to choose from.

Holiday video tips

Holiday video tips

Recording short videos of your holiday experiences are a great way to capture and share great memories. There are many ways of editing easily using apps on your phone, online or software on your computer. With a little forethought, you can record a video clip without needing to do any editing. The same tips apply for video as with photos, but be mindful of the sound quality too.
Try to avoid including bystanders in the background as you won’t have their permission to share the video on social media.