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RCI - Username/Password Recovery

Please enter the information requested in the appropriate fields below. Your information will immediately be sent to the email address on file with RCI. Be advised that if you updated your email address today, it will take 24 hours for the change to be reflected so that you can retrieve your password. If you need to recover both Username and Password, recover your Username first.


RCI Member ID
Please enter your RCI Member ID as found in your New Member Information kit (excluding any dashes).
Your RCI Member ID will either be a series of nine alpha-numeric characters (e.g., 1234-56789), OR a single digit followed by one to seven digits (e.g., 1-2345678).
When entering your RCI Member ID, please use letters and/or numbers only. Make sure not to include any dashes or spaces.
Letters and/or numbers only. Please do not include any dashes or spaces.
Enter your first name as it appears on your RCI Membership ID Card