What are RCI® Member Rewards?

When you redeem Rewards for RCI® Member Rewards you will receive a credit to your RCI Subscribing Membership account that allows you to pay for many RCI products or services including Membership Renewal, Exchange Fees, and more. (RCI Points Partner, RCI Cruise, Lifestyle Benefits and Experiential Vacations transactions are excluded.)

Step 1:

Redeem your RCI Member Rewards online by logging into BarclaysUS.com or by calling the RCI Elite Rewards customer service center at 1-877-587-8742.

Step 2:

Your RCI Member Rewards will be applied to the RCI membership number you specify within 3 business days.

Step 3:

Once redeemed, simply checkout on RCI.com or call RCI Member Services to use your RCI Member Rewards for RCI products and services. RCI Weeks® members: 1-800-338-7777 and RCI Points® members: 1-877-968-7476.