What are the benefits of RCI Platinum membership?

RCI Platinum® membership offers a wide range of benefits to help enhance your vacation ownership by providing you with benefits that you can enjoy on vacation and at home.

Exclusive Sales & Savings

  • Save 10% on Extra Vacations℠ getaways and Last Call℠ vacations, even those already on sale.
  • Get a 10% discount on the Combined Deposit Fee and increase your exchange options.
  • Get a 25% discount on Guest Certificates so you can share with family or friends and save!
  • Free Ongoing Search, so we can help you find your ideal vacation and you won’t be charged the Exchange Fee until we find a match.
  • Free On-Hold Vacations, so you can iron out those last-minute details without a fee for 24 hours.

Priority Privileges

  • Priority Access to select Exchange vacations before they’re made available to standard RCI members for exchange.
  • Platinum Previews of Extra Vacations℠ getaway sales one day before standard RCI® subscribing members.
  • Get Priority Answer on a dedicated toll-free number for quick access to our knowledgeable RCI Platinum guides.
  • Experience the convenience of Travel Concierge and personal assistance coordinators available 24/7 to respond to virtually any request — large or small.
  • Enjoy 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance which provides a dedicated around-the-clock travel counselor just a phone call away to solve last-minute travel problems.

Upgrades & Extras

  • Complimentary Unit Upgrades & Resort Changes on confirmed Exchange vacations when available, so you have the opportunity to receive a larger unit at your confirmed resort, or a unit at another resort in the same geographic region as your confirmed Exchange vacation.

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