How do I read my Account Summary?

This glossary of terms is focused on helping you fully understand your Account Statement.

RCI Weeks Terms:

Weeks Available to Deposit

A Deposit is the vacation week you give to RCI that enables you to book an Exchange Vacation using your RCI® subscribing membership. It is the first step towards getting on vacation. Shown on your Account Summary are the number of Weeks eligible to deposit with RCI. Manage My Deposits

Start Year/Date

The check-in date of the listed vacation ownership Week.


The specific period of time (week) you own at a resort. Interval(s) for Fixed week owners remain the same for each year. Interval(s) for Floating week owners are assigned by their home resort and may vary each year.

Weeks Available to Exchange

Booking an Exchange Vacation through RCI is the act of "trading" your deposited vacation ownership Week for another Week in the RCI system.*1

On your Account Summary are the number of any Weeks you have already Deposited, Deposit Credits, and/or Combined Deposits-regardless of expiration date.
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Travel By Date

Your Exchange Vacation must check in on or before the Travel By date listed.

Deposit Trading Power

The Deposit Trading Power is a value assigned to your vacation Week upon its deposit with RCI. Refer to this value when booking an Exchange vacation.

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*These vacations are limited and subject to availability based on value-for-value Exchange Vacation principles

1Weeks currently used for an Ongoing Search are not reflected in the Weeks Available for Exchange total.

RCI Points Terms:

Current Use Year Points

The amount of Points you have available to use at this time (not including Points you may borrow from your next Use Year)*. Your balance is a combination of any saved1 and extended2 Points from the last two Use Years, plus this Use Year’s remaining Points.
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Use Year Points Allocation

This is your allocation of Points for each Use Year. Your Use Year is a recurring 12 month period, which starts the first day of the month following the set up of your RCI Points subscribing member account.

Next Use Year Points

The amount of Points you will be allocated for the next Use Year. You can borrow from your next Use Year’s balance in the current Use Year, provided you have paid your annual RCI dues through your next Use Year.*

Expiring Points

This balance is a combination of any remaining Points from your current Use Year, plus any saved and extended Points from your last two Use Years. These Points will expire on the date shown.

Points Eligible to Save

These points are automatically saved from the previous Use Year and must be used in the Use Year in which they were saved1. If they aren't used, they may be extended2 for a fee.

Points Eligible to Extend

These points are eligible to be extended for an additional Use year for a fee, any extended points will expire at the end of that Use Year.

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* A Member may borrow Points from the next Use Year as long as that Use Year is within the term of the Member’s Network Participation Agreement and the Member’s Network dues have been aid in full through that end of such Use Year.

1Points are saved automatically at the end of the Use Year in which they were allocated, and there is no fee providing that you have used at least some of those Points in that Use Year. Points that have been saved must be used in the Use Year into which they were saved, or extended for an additional Use Year for a small fee.

2If the Member chooses to extend previously saved but expiring Points for one (1) additional Use Year, a transaction fee shall apply. Any Points already extended for one year are not eligible for further Points extension