What can a Vacation Guide help me with?

Vacation Guides are available during business hours to answer any questions you may have and help you with any and all of your vacation planning needs. But there are some subtle differences in what a Vacation Guide can help you with—depending on the channel you use to contact them:

  • Phone – Guides can help you with anything over the phone, including holding and booking vacations, as well as any and all transactions.
  • Chat – Vacation Guides through Live Help can help you with anything a Call Center guide can assist you with! They can help with account-related questions, planning and confirming vacations, certain web issues you may be experiencing, and overall membership questions. They can also take credit card information to process payments, and in the occasion of a website error, they can place a vacation on Hold.
  • Email – Same parameters as Chat.
  • Social – You can contact RCI via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, but our Vacation Guides will lead you into a Direct Message (DM) to continue the conversation in private. At that point, the same rules as Chat and Email apply. (Note: Those from outside the U.S. who contact RCI via social channel will be redirected to the proper point of contact in their respective country.)

If you are a Vacation Club member who has contacted RCI for an issue, you will be directed to your respective Club's customer service.